Workshop on cooperation program between An Giang and Sweden in Chau Thanh district

Thursday, 28 October 2021 23:38

(AG Provincial E-Portal) -  In the morning of October 9, 2020, at the hall of the People's Committee of Chau Thanh district, the Executive Board of the cooperation program between An Giang and Sweden in coordination with the People's Committee of Chau Thanh district organized a workshop to introduce information about the rice value chain, with the theme "Increasing income from straw".

Attending were Ms. Pham Ngoc Xuan - Director of Project Management Board An Giang - Sweden, representatives of provincial departments, Mr. Ho Truong Huan - Member of the Standing Committee of the District Party Committee - Vice Chairman of the District People's Committee, leaders of district professional branches and farmers.

At the workshop, the Executive Board of the An Giang and Sweden cooperation program, specialized departments in Chau Thanh district and the province discussed and answered farmers' questions around the advantages and disadvantages of using straw to implement agricultural production models utilizing straw. At the same time, they shared experiences in applying science - techniques of composting straw to grow mushrooms, make fertilizer or food for cows ..., which contributed to increase productivity, improve farmers' income, treated with Trichoderma as fertilizer for plants.

In the period of 2018-2020, Chau Thanh district began to promote propaganda and advocacy to promote the collection of straw, as well as replicate models of utilizing by-products from rice (straw) for fermentation, animal feed, mushroom growing, being treated with Trichoderma to make fertilizer for plants. Accordingly, the rice straw collection area increases year by year, estimated at nearly 29.170 hectares by 2020; accounting for 36.7% of the cultivated area (an increase of nearly 12. 255 hectares compared to 2018). The collection of straw, in order to provide raw materials for the development of growing vegetables, mushrooms, raising cows, reducing organic poisoning in rice production, reducing environmental pollution due to limited burning of by-products ..., contributes to sustainable agricultural production ...

Through this workshop, it will help delegates of the Executive Board of the cooperation program between An Giang and Sweden to evaluate the effectiveness of the program implementation process in Chau Thanh district. Besides, the participating farmers have the conditions to learn and share experiences with the specialized branches in the actual production process. As a result, the rice value chain is constantly improving, contributing to increased income for farmers./.

Minh Thiện
Translator: Kim Thuan