(AG Provincial E-Portal) - The Provincial People's Committee (PPC) of An Giang province has just issued Plan No. 459/KH-UBND to organize the Fair on Agriculture and OCOP Products in the Mekong Delta region, An Giang province in 2020, with the theme of “OCOP Products - Construction and Brand development"

(AG Provincial E-Portal) - In 2019, Chau Thanh district continues to change the district's crop structure from inefficient rice land to planting suitable crops that bring economic efficiency, contributing to improving the income of the people in a same area of production, initially effective with many models of production in application of advanced science and technology.

(AG Provincial E-Portal) - Continuing the activities in the framework of " VAXJO (Véc Kuơ) - An Giang Collaborative Project on sustainable water management" period 2019 – 2021, on the morning of 05 November, the delegation of VAXJO’s Council, Sweden visited the actual pollution situation in some areas of the city.

(AG Provincial E-Portal) - In the morning of 6 November, the Executive Board of An Giang – Sweden Cooperation Program of the Department of Resources and Environment oganized the conference on Constructing the water management plan for Long Xuyen city. This is an operation in the framework of the “VAXJO (Véc Kuơ) - An Giang Collaborative Project on sustainable water management”, period 2019 – 2021. Participating in the conference, there was also the delegation of Vaxjo City’s Council, Sweden, led by Mrs. Sofia Stynsberg, Chairman of the Technical Committee of the City Council.

(AG Provincial E-Portal) - Continuing the visiting and working program in An Giang province, on November 2, the Delegation of the European Parliament's International Trade Agency headed by Mr. Jan Zahradil, Vice Chairman of the European Parliament's International Trade Agency (INTA), Chairman of the Friendship Parliamentary Group between the European Parliament (EP) and Vietnam went on a field trip to a number of seafood processing and exporting enterprises, pangasius farming areas applying the organic standards of some enterprises in An Giang province in the upstream area of Hau river.

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