Piteå - 200 years rose from the forests

Friday, 29 October 2021 00:03

(AG Provincial Portal)-  Piteå (Sweden) is located on the coast of the Gulf of Bothnia, about 900 km from north of Stockholm and 100 km from south of the Arctic Circle. The population is approximately 41,000 people; the ecological environment is healthy; the inhabitants are friendly; Piteå is famous for powerful and potential economy, where global conferences take place and has been the favorite destination of tourists worldwide.

  at the close of the 19 century - Pitea Museum

In the development history of Piteå, forestry has played a key role for the local economy since 1858 of the 19th century. Since then, people in Piteå have constantly made forestry the mainstay, motivate, foundation for  the economic-social development, and ecological environment in the local throughout centuries.

Today,  the application of advanced science and technology in the field of renewable energy, utilizing byproducts from mining and processing timber for making industrial fuels not only helps reduce production costs but also protects the ecological environment. According to the statistics, by efficiently exploiting renewable energy, that is analternative for gasoline, only for 10 years (1998-2008) the Pitea city had cut down 42% of Fossil Co in production. The city has joined in the research of energy and renewable raw materials with LTU, University of Technology Lulela for a long time. Until now, the co-operation has brought them remarkable results, thus establishing a certain position for the city of Pitea in this field, gradually become the center of renewable energy development in the region.

Renewable energy in Pitea city

Not stopping there, Pitea is going to expand, invest strongly in the energy technology sector with many world-leading science and technology centers, typically as the Solander Science Park which is located right in the city, SSP is considered the world-class developmental environment in the field of biomass (biorefinery), which brings together universities, research institutes and companies to develop new products and solutions from the forest resources. Center of Pitea Energy Technology (ETC) has successfully researched Gasification technology (gasification), biological materials obtained from agriculture and forestry waste.

Sunpine company

Currently , ETC has researched into processing collected husk after harvest into biological materials, that enhance valuable chain rice and environmental protection.